Why a skydiver should carry a hook knife for every jump

A hook knife is not a compulsory item to take with a skydiver on every skydive, but it is definitely recommended as they play a very important role in safety. Having the small but useful piece of equipment for you while skydiving could be the difference between a safe or dangerous jump. If you still aren’t convinced, here’s more on why a skydiver should carry a hook knife for every jump:

The role of a hook knife

A hook knife is a small tool that can be used to cut your parachute lines in the case of an emergency. In some cases, your reserve chute lines may become entangled with your main chute lines. This calls for the help of the nifty hook knife, allowing you to cut the necessary lines and to land safely. This is just one of many situations that can be resolved with the use of a hook knife. Its role in skydiving has everything to do with your safety in times of danger.


Safety first

You may carry a hook knife with you on every jump that you do, and you may never need to use it; however, there is also a chance that the day you don’t have it on you is the day that something goes wrong. It is not an essential component of skydiving, but one day it may be essential for your safety. We recommend having a hook knife with you on every jump as a safety precaution.

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