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Customise Your Jump &
Flight Suits

The Icarus Camera Suit is a custom built jumpsuit, with the choice of either small wings for team work, or larger wings for filming big formations or skysurfing

The Icarus Flight Suit consists of a cotton material which produces a comfortable flight suit, for aerobatics and general flying

The Icarus Freestyle Suit is a combination of stretch (spandex), airtec

The Icarus Fun Suit is a combination of stretch (spandex), nylon and cotton (airtec), which produces a jumpsuit with a medium to fast fall rate

Our standard design and grips are recommended, however we accept personalised designs or specifications, within reason

The Icarus Team Suit is a fast and reactive jumpsuit, with the added benefit of booties, knee pads and inside leg grips. The Icarus Team Suit, is a custom built skydiving suit
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